Inline Shower Door

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If you are looking to enclose a smaller shower stall, a swinging door is the most common type of shower door that is used. However, if your bathroom is small, you may not have the space for a door to swing outward. In this case, an inline shower door may make the most sense for you and may help you to make the most out of the small space that you have. An inline shower door features two different parts. The first is a stationary glass panel. This glass panel does not move. The second part is a sliding door. The sliding door can move in front of the stationary panel when you want to enter or exit the shower. But it slides into place to cover the opening when you are taking a shower, ensuring water doesn't spill out everywhere. Make the most of your small bathroom with an inline shower door.

How Inline Glass Shower Door Could Be Finest Bathroom Update

Most inline shower doors consist of a glass door panel which is usually connected to one or multiple glass panels at 180º. It is this arrangement that causes the glasses to form an inline glass design. An inline shower door may be a single swinging door connected to a complete glass panel or full panels on either side of the door. In some cases, the inline panels are notched at one end to accommodate a shower seat, knee wall or any other design features that the client may deem fit for their requirements. The inline doors are either framed or frameless.

Inline Shower Door
Inline Shower Door

Tips to install an inline shower door

When installing an inline shower door, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure glass is protected throughout the process. It is best to keep any cardboard backing on the glass during the installation process to help keep panes from becoming damaged should they happen to slip out of the hands of the installer. This will also aid in keeping scratching from occurring on the glass during the installation process. The cardboard can be removed in its entirety after the door has been positioned and a secure grip is conducted by someone so the glass does not slide from the doorway. Each type of glass door will require that hardware is properly placed to keep panes secure. Instructions will be sent with glass panes for this reason. It is best to read over the material before attempting to install the glass shower doors. Cutting away portions of the cardboard protecting the glass can be done to expose areas where hardware will need to be inserted or attached.

It is best to check over the contents included with the shower door before starting the installation process. This way, if a piece had been accidentally omitted, it can be ordered before the door is positioned to be installed. This will save the installing people time and trouble. Whether a single pane door or a sliding shower door is being installed, it is helpful to have a partner on-hand to help with the process. This person can hold the glass pane in place while the other person attaches any hardware necessary to keep the shower door in place. Each person should read over all instructions in full before starting the shower door installation process. This way if any questions need to be answered, a call can be made to the supplier beforehand. Tools will also be able to be obtained before installing the door into place as well. One person will need to remain inside of the shower, while the other guides the glass into place from the exterior portion of the shower. Hardware can be kept on a shower shelf or inside of a plastic bag and taped to the shower door for ease of accessibility.