Rolling Door with Fixed Panel

This is the door for you if you are looking for performance, beauty, and durability. The metro sliding shower door treats you to all that plus much more at an affordable price. The unique thing about these doors is that they are frameless and slide quietly on a stainless steel track.

The frames have been replaced by a single metal rod at the top, a small guide at the bottom and three wheels. These types of doors tend to work well in spaces with a limited room that can't allow a swing door to operate smoothly. The sliders can be configured in a 90 0  corner configuration, and it will still slide gently.

The metro sliding shower doors have a durable track system that makes it efficient. The wheels will always be running on the latest possible metal rod hence only a small metal guide is required at the bottom of the door.

The doors can easily slide open either to the left or right depending on where it is located relative to obstacles such as toilet or cabinets. You can always choose from many configurations including but not limited to; two full walls, one-half wall, and two full glass walls or two full walls, two half walls, and a full glass wall.

Typically, frameless glass panels are simple to clean and maintain. You will only need a squeegee and a glass cleaner to complete your cleaning. The metro sliding shower doors don’t have a bottom track which eliminates the possibility of mold build-up.

The doors are also luxurious and last longer. The thick tamper-proof glass provides you with the extra protection since it is hard to break. The top-of- the-line stainless steel metal that comes with the door ensures that the glass stays in its position.

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