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Fab Glass and Mirror has an edge over its competitors with respect to introduction of new and in fact novel items. Here you can find the best looking Coffee tables in unmatchable designs and quite practical. You can place these coffee tables at central places in living room or at any corner depending on your decorative aesthetics. The utility factor asks you to use it whenever you are having a perfect family time.

Our especially designed coffee tables are meant for all kinds of decorations and also for breakfast or brunches. See the beauty and creativity of our designers with Noguchi Style Coffee table in Red Color with black glass top. Isn’t it wonderful to add it to your home improvement plans, to give a unique and stylish touch at the same time. If you like the crystal clear glass tops then you can order for it with the same Noguchi style.

Even we have customers who prefer to go for designs with classy touch. You can come across many things for changing the style statement that is so easy with a beautiful looking coffee table. It is a presentation of stylish oval shape coffee table that is looking fabulous and in fact will add grace to your room interiors. It is just an ideal deal that is going to be your best selection while making a buying visit to coffee table section here.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Overall great service and product
By Tamara Port Saint Lucie, Florida    Oct 12, 2016
Packaging was exceptional...I always have to return anything I order...because something is scratched, broken or damaged... Not this time...Thanks to your company....really neat table. Very cool looking....I am very pleased...
Pretty good overall
By margaret salt lake city, Utah    Jun 28, 2016
Would have given 5 stars except that the glass is much thinner than in our old coffee table (I wonder how it will stand the test of time) and came with a couple of small defects - a bubble in the glass and a place where the black paint was chipped. Price is good, but this is not a really high quality piece of furniture.
Love to buy modern black mermaid
By Brayn    Feb 15, 2016
I really want to appreciate this table due to its elegant look and modern style. The quality finishing made this table an attention garbing furniture piece for my living room. The price is normal as compare to traditional wooden table
Modern glass table is awesome
By Cynthia    Feb 15, 2016
I have placed an order for modern glass table and wanted to keep it in my living room to just improve the overall atmosphere of my room. I must say that that this table completely fit in my room environment. Its quality finishing and material forced me to come back and review this product.
very creative noguchi style
By Zain    Feb 10, 2016
Noguchi style is realy very creative and stylish table and looks great in your living room. Its glass surface and modern looking base makes this table awesome. i realy love its design. This table was recommended to me by one of my friends because he bought this table for his home and he liked it too much so he recommended me. I must say that he was absolutely right
Awsome deal for oval table with glass top
By William    Feb 10, 2016
When you look at red oval Shape table, it looks some how funny due because of its casual shape but it fits perfect with a room which have highly casual theme. Its bright shinny colors will force your visitors to discuss about the table or at least there will be many of the visitors who will ask "Hey, From where you bought this table
Modern glass coffee table
By Rhodes    Feb 10, 2016
Red coffee table is the best table for offices and formal environment. Its elegant look gives great feeling to your office environment. I have purchased this table for my office and it looked great when i kept it in front visitors chair.
Bought white mermaid coffee table
By Deniel    Feb 10, 2016
I have shifted to a new home and doing necessary purchasing of different items including new furniture as i sold my old furniture when i left my previous home. I had bought bought white mermaid coffee table from this company although it was available on other websites too but i preferred to buy it from here because this company looked more reliable and i am highly satisfied with my decision because this company provided me best quality services through phone and shipped the item within few hours of payment processing. The table was packed safely which shows this company's serous attitude towards its customers
Modern Glass Red Coffee Table
By Joseph    Feb 10, 2016
I am home lover and its my hobby to do home improvement related activities. Recently i setteled a small office at my home to do pending official work at my home. For my new home based office i was required to have a table in front of sofas i was looking for a simple but decent table and after doing some research i found Modern Glass Red Coffee Table on the internet. I did some research to get best quote. I found that fabglassandmirror was the best company which was offering it at 269 however other companies were offering it at around 300 or more so i placed the order on it. I was expecting a late delivery or something because the price was too low but i got it within three days so i must say that this company is awsome