Custom Dining/meeting Table Glass in 4 Steps

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Custom Glass Table Top

If you like to enjoy the appearance of glass furnishings, then custom table tops are great option to pick. Table tops of all types are available to select from to dress up your home or office. Glass makes a lasting impression while providing users with ample space for mealtime or meeting requirements. Consider the addition of an impressionable furnishing in your own home or business. Fab Glass and Mirror has a vast selection of glass furnishings to choose from, including table tops in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are some of our primary pieces to consider.

Custom Glass Table Top for Dining Table

Custom glass Dining Table is best to relish in the pristine appearance of a large surface for hosting meals. Custom glass table tops can be cut to any dimension, giving you the versatility in designing a furnishing to fit space to your liking.

Add a beveled edging for a modern spin on dining room table surfaces, or use a flat, polished edging to obscure the perimeter of the table from view. We also offer ogee, pencil, or seamed edging. Add a tempered glass finish as it is three times as sturdy as standard glass surfaces, giving you the peace of mind that your tabletop will remain nick and shatter-free for years to come. For a more delicate appearance, use a thinner cut. • With custom options it’s a perfect modern and minimalist furniture piece that could add openness in whole ambiance.

Beveled Polish
Flat Polish
Ogee Polish
Pencil Polish
Seamed Polish
Round Dining Table Round
Rectangle Dining Table Rectangle
Square Dining Table Square
E-Oval/Ellipse Dining Table E-Oval/Ellipse

Glass Dining Table in Modern Homes

If you have a home that is primarily designed with modern furnishings, and you want to incorporate a retro-inspired dining room table into the mix, adding a Dining Glass Table Top to your desired base is a wonderful way to show off your style. Glass dining table surfaces make smaller spaces feel vast as their see-through surfaces allow the eyes to take in the entire room without solid colors obscuring the view. It comes several benefits like it’s super easy to clean, well protect your existing wooden furniture.
If you are interested in adding a classy dining room piece to your own home, simply check out the selection of glass table top options we have available on our website and pick out each feature you would like added to your furnishing. Whether you have interest in a Rectangle Glass Dining Table or a round glass Dining table, the glass piece will be cut to your specifics and shipped directly to your address for your convenience. Only you have to be careful for any damage.

Glass Dining Table in Modern Homes
Glass Meeting Table

Glass Meeting Table

The table you use for business meetings or late-night work sessions makes an impact on the overall atmosphere of the room it is located. For a modern flair, use a Glass Meeting Table for your business dealings. Impress your clients and representatives with a clear table top in a vivid hue, or stick with traditional clear glass for the utmost in class.Fab Glass and Mirror offers table tops in a variety of standard shapes and dimensions. If one of these does not meet your criteria, you have the option to design a Custom Glass Meeting Table in the shape and size you prefer. Pick out the table top color, select the thickness of the glass, add an edging style, and consider a finish. Our website makes it easy to pick out the specifics you desire for your own glass table top furniture. A glass meeting table can make a room look larger and wider in every way. The clear glass helps to opens up the space visually, offering a bright and, stylish workplace that enhance its functionality. With a variety of finishes and edging option that will definitely add a visual appeal in whole environment. ...(view more)

Custom Glass Table for Your Conference Room

Do you use a conference room to conduct daily business with customers, clients, co-workers, or sales representatives? If so, the table tops used in this space can help to set the mood of the sessions that you host. Consider adding a Glass conference table to your meeting space for business dealings rather than using standard, solid-colored wood tops. For a more intimate setting, pick out a splendid round glass meeting table top so that participants are in close proximity with one another rather than seated in a formal manner. For larger meeting rooms, add rectangular or oval table tops to the bases you select. A custom glass table top allows for the surroundings in the room to be viewed rather than obscured by a solid surface. This greatly improves the overall aesthetics of a conference room area and allows for users to enjoy the details of the room to the fullest. This also helps to keep participants focused on the work at hand rather than being distracted by solid surfaces that could hide cell phone usage out of view of others. Each table top constructed by Fab Glass And Mirror is cut to spec and includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Custom Glass Table for Your Conference Room