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Alpha Glass Coffee Table

Fab Glass and Mirror wants to make sure that its customers find the best alpha coffee table that is exactly fit well as they are seeking for. Having a wide range of glass coffee tables the company has won the moment by offering its innovative craftsmanship. Whether customers’ choice is minimalist or chic to buy alpha glass coffee table Fab Glass and Mirror perfectly meets with its pioneering standards. All of the products are uniquely designed and made up of different material and colors.

Features of Alpha Glass Coffee Table

All the alpha coffee tables are handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen. The sleek and clear glass table tops are made of tempered glass and MDF having 8mm glass thickness that keeps the durability and functionality for long time period. The fully furnished and polished glass tops’ edges, the increased strength, ensure that they are less likely to be damaged.


Color: White

Dimensions: 43" X 23 1/2" X 17 1/2" Inches


Where to Buy Alpha Glass Coffee Table

By keeping all requirements in mind we become the company that would attract the results you seek. Most of the questions are asked by the customers, where can I buy alpha glass coffee table online or the best online glass coffee table tops’ store to buy alpha glass coffee table? Answer, you can buy or online order alpha glass coffee table from Fab Glass and Mirror, manufacturer of all types of glass coffee tables, wholesale dealer in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The good and high quality alpha glass coffee table can be purchased that would be on cheapest and affordable rates.