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A Noguchi style coffee table combines art and function in a modern coffee table for your living room, family room or den. The triangle coffee table top is made from sturdy tempered glass giving you a transparent window to the unique base below. The table is a conversation starter for parties and gatherings, and can be a central design piece for your interior decorating. Available in several colors, the base will stand out from your other contemporary home or office decor.

Not only decorative, the Noguchi style coffee table is a functional table for entertaining guests, relaxing around with family, holding chips and dip for an evening at home or for romantic candlelight for a date with your significant other. The unique flowing lines of the base may seem like they are light and fragile, but that is an optical illusion hiding a well-balanced, sturdy table based. This Noguchi design will be a perfect fit for your home or office decor.

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very creative noguchi style
By Zain    Feb 10, 2016
Noguchi style is realy very creative and stylish table and looks great in your living room. Its glass surface and modern looking base makes this table awesome. i realy love its design. This table was recommended to me by one of my friends because he bought this table for his home and he liked it too much so he recommended me. I must say that he was absolutely right
cheapest price i have got
By Kimberly    Feb 10, 2016
I am new to this glass company and recently placed order for noguchi style cofee table and today my wife received it at my home. The price they offered is the best price as compare to other companies available on the internet. I saved almost fifty bucks for this order. I will surely buy it again if i needed any other thing
Tim, Tampa Florida
By I loved the table     Dec 7, 2015
its a modern style coffee tables I loved it, company delivered it quick and I loved the pricing.