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For a unique presentation of color, design and function, this color block rectangular coffee table is a lovely addition to your home or office. A modern coffee table, its style lends itself to many settings including executive offices and meeting rooms. The table is laid out in a grid fashion, reminiscent of blocks, but it is made of glass and MDF base, with the glass serving as both a surface and as table legs. The glass is featured in several color combinations to make this table truly a standout piece. It will definitely catch the eye of any visitor, and will keep your meeting attendees awake and alert.

The use of colored glass as functional and artistic elements in this design, give the table a Mondrian-esque design feel. Whether your entire room is decorated in modern, contemporary style or not, this table will bring together any colorful accessories for a complete look. The table also features a glass shelf which not only adds to the table's design, but offers storage space for magazines or paperwork during a meeting. You can use the shelf easily to display small art pieces or signage for visitors to your office.

Although made of glass, this table is not fragile or dainty. The tempered glass used is designed to resist damage from scratches and dents and will hold up to frequent use over a long period of time. Contemporary coffee tables often are hard to find in a new, exciting design. This table is bold and beautiful. Don't wait to get it on order before it runs out.

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Modern glass table is awesome
By Cynthia    Feb 15, 2016
I have placed an order for modern glass table and wanted to keep it in my living room to just improve the overall atmosphere of my room. I must say that that this table completely fit in my room environment. Its quality finishing and material forced me to come back and review this product.
Modern glass coffee table
By Rhodes    Feb 10, 2016
Red coffee table is the best table for offices and formal environment. Its elegant look gives great feeling to your office environment. I have purchased this table for my office and it looked great when i kept it in front visitors chair.
Modern Glass Red Coffee Table
By Joseph    Feb 10, 2016
I am home lover and its my hobby to do home improvement related activities. Recently i setteled a small office at my home to do pending official work at my home. For my new home based office i was required to have a table in front of sofas i was looking for a simple but decent table and after doing some research i found Modern Glass Red Coffee Table on the internet. I did some research to get best quote. I found that fabglassandmirror was the best company which was offering it at 269 however other companies were offering it at around 300 or more so i placed the order on it. I was expecting a late delivery or something because the price was too low but i got it within three days so i must say that this company is awsome
By Jonathan Carry    Feb 10, 2016
It was great doing business with this company. They are realy professional and know how to handle customers. I must say it because i purchased Modern Glass Black Coffee Table two days ago then after placing my order i wanted to change the color from red to white so i called their help line and talked to one of their representative on phone. The guy listent my situation and marked my changing without asking any question and when i got the delivery, it was exactly according to my requirements. these are small things and most of companies don't fouc on it but these realy make the big differences