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Venice X Style Glass Coffee Table

Coffee tables are supposed to complement the entire living room in a way that their design shines with the rest of the furniture. Many options are available for coffee tables in the market but when looking for something truly unique and futuristic, the Venice X style glass coffee tables provide the best combination of elegant and luxury looks and functionality.

Unmatched Design Elegance for Venice Style Glass Coffee Tables

For many decades right from their inception, round or square shaped coffee tables have been utilized by countless households, they have served the purpose of functionality very well. But the more modern people demand the best looking furniture along with maximum functionality. The Venice X style glass coffee tables from Fab Glass and Mirror provide the most elegant and unique design aspect that is truly unmatched by any other type of coffee tables. The obvious X shape the stand mimics can complement the design of many interiors and furniture.

Superior Material Enhancing Functionality

Coffee tables are small in size but can be utilized for many purposes, including decoration in various ways, such as, stacking them up with books or other heavy items. The materials used in them have to be durable in order to enhance functionality. Venice X style coffee tables from Fab Glass and Mirror utilize the most durable materials for their stands on which they strengthened layer of thick glass rests. The stands can withstand better than average daily use and the glass is very strong and durable, guaranteeing long life and great looks at the same time. The top quality material choices also enable functionality of the highest level.

Color Match Them with Your Furniture or Interior

Fab Glass and Mirror offers color options in Venice X style glass coffee tables that enable them to be matched or contrasted with the rest of the interior design and color of the living room. Match or contrast your light or dark interior or furniture with the black and white options available or go for the oak effect coffee table if your furniture matches the design. Choose the color option that you prefer and our modern luxurious glass coffee tables with complement your interior of the living room in the most effective way possible.

Regardless of what color option you choose, the highest quality stand materials and very strong layer of glass on our coffee tables will provide you with the most luxury looks and functionality at the same time.