Why You should Consider Using Glass Shower Enclosures?

Glass shower enclosures are finding a way into modern homes either small or big. We often forget to take care of our bathrooms while upgrading everything else in our homes. Nonetheless, glass enclosures make all the difference in modern living. Your shower is a vital place to unwind or start your day. Here are five reasons why you need the glass shower enclosures in your bathroom.

1. Sleek look

Nowadays, shower curtains are frowned upon by homeowners. They take away the pleasant ambiance of the bathroom. When you want to relax and kick back, you do not have to look at an eyesore. What a better way to create a friendly environment than to get rid of all distractions. Other shower enclosures make it hard to style your bathroom. You need an excellent solution that you can show off to your friends when they come to visit. Glass doors add some sparkle to your living space. If you want your home to look and feel modern, glass enclosures offer you an opportunity to level up on your décor game. Instagram photos will never be the same.

2. Glass shower enclosures make small bathrooms look larger

Glass shower enclosures make small bathrooms look larger

Glass has a way of making small spaces look larger. With unobstructed views and good lighting, it is easy for the space to look expansive. They also occupy less space than when you use other materials. We want to make the most in times where the cost of living space keeps growing by the day. However, you do not have to feel so boxed up in a small place when you install glass shower enclosure. Glass shower enclosures tend to magnify the small space available. Sliding glass doors are ideal for small bathrooms with little space for pivot doors.

3. Functional accessory

Glass shower is a functional accessory 

You want your bathroom always dry and friendly. Framed glass doors are installed with rubber to close up any space that can leak. Damp floors make bathrooms more susceptible to germs and bacteria, not forgetting mold. Tradition shower closures lack full function as you still get water splashing to surrounding areas. Separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom makes it easy for people to use the space sparingly. Frosted glass doors maintain great looks and offer you privacy while you are in the shower. You do not have to worry about whoever comes into your bathroom while you are taking a shower.

4. Easy to clean

Shower door is easy to clean

Cleaning is an essential part of living. Glass Shower enclosures such as curtains take a lot of time to clean. However, with a glass enclosure, you can easily clean your space within no time. With a glass cleaner and a piece of cloth, your shower door will be sparkling in a minute. You can conveniently clean your shower door without going through a complicated cleaning procedure. It is essential to clean your shower enclosure to keep away dirt and germs that may affect its performance. All you need is a squeegee and viola you have a clean glass door.

5. Glass shower enclosures are customizable

Glass shower enclosures are customizable

All bathrooms are not similar in shape and dimensions. Luckily, glass door enclosures are not that hard to install in your space. All you need is to take the exact dimensions for the glass, and the supplier will deliver what you need. You can also get frameless glass doors or framed enclosure. That gives you options to explore what kind of enclosure best fits your bathroom. You can install a pivot door or sliding door, which is more functional for small bathrooms.

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