7 Reasons Why People Love to Have Salt Lamps

There are no limits to what we can discover to make your home a better place. From light therapy clocks to weighted blankets and now, salt lamps. These three objects all work to improve our wellness. Today, we will focus on miracles of the lamps. They have increasingly become more popular in recent years as part of house décor. However, their benefits are what shined a light on the lamps and before we delve more into it, lets us know more about the origin.

Salt lamps are nature’s gift that provides a certain distinct lighting feature. The most popular ones are the Himalayan salt lamps which are a product of pink salt crystal found in the Himalayan region. They are used in cooking slabs and at spas for salt therapy. Now on to why people are obsessed with the lamps, here are 7 reasons.

1. Salt lamp reduce the electromagnetic radiation(EM)

Salt lamps to reduce radiation

With the rise of the number of appliances at our homes, we are at risk of radiations from these appliances in the long haul. They cause a weakened immune system, increased stress and fatigue. That is why, it is recommended there be no electrical appliances in the bedroom. Anyway, the lamps balance the EM by releasing negative ions which counter the positive ions from the appliances.

2. Purifies the air

The air around our homes is contaminated by dust particles, bacteria and viruses. All these are absorbed into the salt crystal through hygroscopy. Therefore, the lamps can even absorb cigarette smoke providing clean air.

3. They have a soothing effect

First of all, these lamps do not come only in pink. Their colors and sizes vary depending on the buyer’s preferences. So, when a light shine on these lamps, they illuminate the color of the lamp offering a soothing glow which creates a cool and calm ambiance. This is why they are used for decorations in various parts of the house.

4. These salt lamps increase energy levels

In case you are always tired, you should give salt lamps a chance. When the body depletes positive ions causing fatigue, the salt crystals does the opposite. The negative ions it emits assist in rejuvenation. Having the lamp in your home has the same feeling as being outside, invigorating and refreshing.

5. Improves performance and concentration

With these lamps, it’s all about the negative ions. They increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain thereby increasing concentration. They are also believed to reduce stress hence one can do much more. It is no wonder your colleague at the office has one of these lamps on their desk.

6. Helps one to get better sleep

Salt lamp for better sleep

The soft glow, clean air, lower stress levels, who wouldn’t sleep soundly to such an environment? The soothing effect of the salt crystals makes the effect of the lamp as night lights helping one to relax and drift slowly into the dreamland. They as well get rid of the allergens which cause asthma and other respiratory problems that get in the way of good night sleep. People with sleeping troubles can benefit a lot from such lamps and should not dismiss the idea before trying it.

7. Salt Lamp light improves a person’s mood

Some studies suggest having the crystals in your house, office or near you, increases serotonin levels. Lack of serotonin has been linked to seasonal affective disorder and depression. Consequently, the lamps will improve the moods of people affected by these conditions.

As you can see, there are many reasons these salt lamps have created quite the buzz. The issue now is where to but the best salt lamp. It is easy to get knock-off lamps just because people have embraced the use of salt crystal lamps. To get an authentic Himalayan salt lamp, you can check online stores like Amazon or at your local wellness stores. Before purchasing, there are telltale signs that prove it’s real. That is the number of positive reviews. They are expensive and can be traced to the Himalayans. Finally, the return policy of the seller.

The bottom line is, these lamps have many health benefits and when you get the chance at an authentic one, do not hesitate to buy and experience its benefits firsthand.

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