How to Add Life in Dull Looking Walls by Quick & Easy Tricks

Everyone who puts great effort to style-up the home in unique interior design will surely yearn to know about the easy and quick tricks to hide dull and drag walls. Because most of the homes experience seepage, cracks, wall paint patches etc. Hence, Fab Glass and Mirror is offering you tricks and products to overcome the walls ugliness for a well maintained home.

  1- Glass board panels

glass panels


Give coverage to the dull and drag wall and make it a masterpiece by installing a glass panel of insulated, laminated or magnetic glass board. These don’t only hide ugliness of walls but add freshness and spacious feel as well. This would certainly help to redefine the grace of your home interior.

   2- Reflection of vanity

Vanity room idea

Experience the cracked or awful part of wall in a quite amusing way. Install a decorative wall mirror  or some retro style glass shelves on it. Before fixing, estimate the suitable place to hiding the misery of wall and add life in it. You may add an embellishing look like a vanity area at that unpleasant place.

  3- Use wallpapers or wall murals 


Vintage Newspaper Wallpaper


Most commonly used and really effective technique to hide ugly wall is wallpaper. It entirely covers the wall and is best to use if the whole wall surface is needed to put out of sight.

   4- Create an art gallery on walls



Be amused by launching your art gallery onto the wall, it would help to vanish the damps or patches. There’re lots of items to do so like fomic sheets for art work, pictures, wall decors or any you find interesting to hang on walls.

    5- Home theater setup could add extra life


An advance and productive idea to hide ugly wall is introduce a home theater setup on it. You may install LED TV to conceal the spoiled area of wall and may add decorating impact with glass shelf below it.
Thus, it’s truly possible to hide ugly walls and make the outlook of interior appealing as long as you want. Fab Glass and Mirror has multiple categories with a wide range of glass products, so visit us to make your task convenient and cost effective.

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