Unique Shower Door Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home to make more space, you will probably have the bathroom jotted down on the list as well. There are several small bathroom ideas floating around on the internet. But did you know that researching into shower door ideas and bathroom shower design ideas can help you free up significant amounts of space in the bathroom?

Before you look into small bathroom ideas, it’s best to confirm if your shower door is that only thing that needs to be fixed. This could solve a lot of issues with congested spaces in the bathroom. You won’t have to shell out on changing the entire bathroom.

First, ensure you know the dimensions of your shower space and how much space you have between the other fixtures and the shower. How much time do you invest in cleaning the shower every day? Think about those things. But for now, let’s get straight into some unique shower door ideas and bathroom shower design ideas so you can make improved decisions before implementing any other small bathroom ideas.

Frameless Shower doors

Shower enclosure for small

A frameless shower area consists of a strong tempered glass that doesn’t need any metal support for the exterior edges. The resulting look is a modern, clean-lined shower area with no visual obstruction. If you love showcasing stonework or intricate tile designs, this is the option or you.

Note that frameless doors do include some minimal metal for the clips on the stationary panels, handles or hinges. This type of door can free up space and give the area a more spacious feel.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors 

Shower door for modern

Doors with frames along the top and sides can also be referred to as frameless doors. But the installation is referred to as semi-frameless. The next best thing to a frameless door is the semi-frameless. This suits anyone whose budget does not coincide with the frameless door option which is generally quite pricey. You can pick out high quality parts like solid handles, patented glass coating and permanently bonded hinges to go with it.

Glass tub Enclosure

glass tub enclosure

You love your tub so much that you simply can’t part with it even it means more space. No problem! Just make a glass tub enclosure to give yourself the visual luxury of space. It’s much sleeker than a normal shower curtain. Install a frameless sliding tub door that is treated with protective coating. This makes the door glide without effort on its stainless steel wheels. Note that the cost of installing a glass tub enclosure is quite high.

Bi-Fold Shower Doorsshower doors ideas for small space

These type of shower doors are perfect for those who need a wider walk-in but lack the space for a pivot type door. There are frameless designs available for bi-fold shower doors. They can be installed for tubs and showers.

Shower Door Ideas and Partial Enclosure

bathroom with modern shower door ideas

Having a partial glass enclosure can make a small bathroom feel a lot more spacious. Fit a partial glass enclosure either over a tub or shower stall to achieve this look. This is a European-style option. This type of enclosure it not only affordable but has a highly sophisticated look.

We hope these tips help you improve on you small bathroom ideas before you commence your project!


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