How to Tell If Glass is Tempered

Are you confused about finding the right type of glass for interior? That could be sturdier and stylish at the same time.  Well, today, all your woes will be sorted out. We assure you, with these few tricks your life will be easier. In addition, you will not have any issue identifying a tempered glass.

 Tempered Glass and its Uses

Most of you must have heard of a tempered glass used to protect your mobile’s screens. But it’s time to find out what exactly makes a glass tempered? This glass is created in a unique way. First, the kind of glass is heated intensely and is then cooled down quickly. This process makes this glass super useful and gives it a unique structure.

A desired measurement is required to produce a tempered glass. Next, the glass is then interrogated for any faults. A faulty glass would lead to issues when the glass is being tempered, hence this is an important step.  Further, the glass undergoes a tempering process. This is where it travels through an oven or a heating machine for tempering. This process can be done in batches or even in one continuous motion. 

Further, the glass then goes through a process called “quenching”. This is where it is cooled down. This process lasts for barely any seconds. So, various nozzles are used to blast a high air pressure on the tempered glass.  As the middle of the glass cools down first, it contracts, whereas the outer surface compresses. This change allows the glass to become strong. This method is not only cheap, but it is super effective too.

Thus, there are multiple ways to use tempered glass. One of its most frequent use is that of using as a screen protector in various gadgets. Other than that, passenger windows in a vehicle are also made up of tempered glass. Moreover, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables, and even in refrigerator trays are made up of this glass. 

It can be used in microwaves because of its ability to retain itself and its strength. Most microwave dishes are made of tempered glass. Similarly, basking ovens also have this type of glass very often. No one wants their microwave or oven dishes breaking every now and then, right? So, the right material to be used for such purposes. Moreover, it has a lot of commercial uses too.  Phone booths, escalators, stairways and even solar panels can be made using a glass which is tempered.  Isn’t it amazing how one basic resource can be used in multiple ways?

How to Identify if the Glass Truly is Tempered or not?

Identifying a tempered glass requires no mind games at all! It is an easy thing to do, if you know all these tricks. A lot of people joke around saying that a tempered glass needs to be broken in order to be identified. Which is partially true, but there is more to it. Let’s find out what more is there? 

  • Tempered glass has smooth edges

A plate glass is usually harder because of the intense heating and a gradual cooling process to make it sturdier. A tempered glass needs to be sandblasted into a glass. So, one good way is to look thoroughly at the edges of the glass. Tempered sheets have smooth and even edges because of the extra processing it goes through. Contrarily, the glass is not tempered incase the edges feel rough to touch. So, the best way to feel is run your fingers over the edges. Your fingers will work like magic, trust us!

  • Imperfections are quite visible on the surface of the glass

Further, look for the little imperfections and you will know. If you identify any distortions, slight bending or dimples on the glass, then most likely it is a hardened glass. These imperfections are a result of the intense heating procedure. When glass get tempered it become mendable when it is super-hot, so when it is picked up using the tongs, the process leaves slight imperfections. Look closely and you will see by yourself.

  • Polarized glasses can help you to see the difference 
Polarized glasses to check tempered glass

Believe it or not, you can tell best whether the glass is tempered or not, if you wear polarized glasses. View your glass in sunlight while wearing polarized glasses and we assure you; you will see the difference. It looks like you are witnessing the tempered surface using a microscope. If you see darkened shady lines or spots spread across the glass, this is it. That glass is a toughened one. These lines are formed during the tempering process as the machine rollers go over the glass. What an easy way to find out, no?

  • Tempered glass tends to break on drilling
Tempered glass tends to break on drilling

It is not known too much, but this is basic information. Hence, it should be known that glass do not get holes drilled into it. Most kinds of drilling cause these glasses to break. Thus, holes should be made only before tempering.

  • Last resort – Score a Line 

In addition, you can create a line on the glass using a window cutting tool. But this should be a last resort, only if you plan on cutting the glass. If the glass turns out flaky and bumpy on cutting, trust it, it’s tempered one! Do not forget to wear protective eye covers before cutting the glass. It could be injurious!  

Surprisingly, a tempered glass and a normal glass break in an absolutely contrasting manner. When a tempered sheet breaks, the glass does not spread all over its surroundings. It breaks in a unique way, into small and relatively harmless pieces. This type of glass is frequently used in areas where human safety is a priority. A normal glass, on the other hand, is much more fragile and breaks into big uneven pieces that are extremely dangerous. Consequently, tis glass is used in multiple appliances and is often considered as a “safety glass”.

Laminated vs Tempered Glass- Which one is better

Tempered glass vs laminated glass

A laminated glass is made up of two pieces of glass layers. These tempered glass is clustered together around a cover of clear plastic film. The glass is first melted.  A process where all air particles and pockets are expelled is used to make a glass tempered.  To create the finished product, it is heated over and over again. A laminated glass is extremely strong since some layers are added to it. Add more layers to it, if you want to make it even stronger.

So, the addition of a plastic rubber gives it a flexibility and a good stretch. However, it is nothing like a rubber band. This allows the glass to prevent breaking unnecessarily. Originally, car windshields used laminated glass. And because of its properties, it prevents breaking into tiny pieces and keeps the passengers safe.  Unlike tempered type , windows of tall buildings and frameless glass railings are also made of laminated glass. 

Despite slight differences, both these glass works are in a similar fashion. Upon breakage, both these glass do not shatter crazily, but just break into a web-like shape. While sharing so many similarities the glass are difference in the usage. But only a thing, unlike laminated glass, tempered sheets cannot be repaired. So, the laminated glass is also more expensive than a tempered. As long as they are used properly and are maintained well, both types of glass is worth your investment. The best part about a laminated glass is that you can identify it by looking at its edges. It has a clear interlayer which helps you identify it.

Why buy a glass which is tempered?

As we have discussed earlier, tempered glass can withstand high temperatures. 

This is why it is a perfect protective layer for your mobile phones. 

It does not scratch easily, nor does it damage that easily. It is a tough glass that protects your gadgets and fulfills other purposes despite the odds. You should use tempered type of glass to protect your screen because it is almost five times thicker than an ordinary glass protector. It simply provides the best shock protection ever!

It becomes easier for the user to view the screen through the glass. This glass is durable and quite harmless. As it doesn’t break easily and if it breaks hence it shatters into thousands of small yet harmless pieces. 

We assure you; it feels almost as if one is using their phone’s original screen. Marked at a higher price, this costs so for the right reasons. With so many advantages, a little extra price does not hurt. Is it not so?

Last Words

So, the next time you go to the market to buy yourself a strong, sturdy glass, these tips surely would help out a lot. We are pretty sure; these tips will benefit you to find an accurate tempered glass for your interior and one that is of a high quality. After all, the protection of your hard-earned gadgets and homes is more important than anything else. Say no to wanders and sellers tricking you into buying normal fragile glass! We are sure, everyone hates to pay heavy price tags that come with undesirable situations. If you love some big screens, this is the ultimate protection you require!

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